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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Gifted Leadership Services Limited, hereafter known as “The Company”, agrees to provide for the participants, hereafter known as “Delegates” the following:

  1. Provide, make arrangements for, and deliver a four day conference programme, insured by Zurich Insurance Company.  This insurance policy provides indemnity to the Insured, Gifted Leadership Services, against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties except those as excluded by this policy during the performance of the Insured Event: 4th International Student Leadership Conference, July 2010 Hong Kong.

  2. The company agrees to provide Octopus travel cards for students to use for public transport to and from the venue, and for transport for the half day/evening excursion.  All other transport costs are born by individual delegates.

  3. Provide a suitable venue to deliver and run the conference with appropriate information and communication technology facilities.

  4. The company agrees to provide tutorial sessions on leadership, an e-Brochure, an Orientation Booklet and all handouts related to the aforementioned tutorial sessions.

  5. The conference includes both a social and curricular programme.  The company agrees to lead and make arrangements for the social programme which comprises one half day/evening programme, dinner not included, and to be paid by individual delegates.

  6. The company agrees to provide light refreshments for morning tea and lunch for the four conference days, 28th June to 1st July.

  7. The company agrees to hire a hotel conference room for the Orientation Meeting, Sunday 27th June at which light refreshments will be served.

  8. The curricular programme will be the responsibility of the Company directors who will provide guest speakers and consultants for the delivery of the programme.

  9. The company accepts no responsibility or liability for agreements made between delegates and other service providers such as hotels, travel agencies or bus companies.  It is the responsibility of delegates to arrange and pay for their own, transport, to and from the airport, as well as book their own accommodation.

  10. The Company does not act as an agent for any service providers, nor does it offer a recommendation of service providers mentioned on the Company website www.giftedleadership.net  Service providers mentioned on the Company website have been used by previous delegates but this does mean an imprimatur approval by the Company.  Delegates use service providers at their own risk.  It is not the responsibility of the Company to follow up, check or confirm arrangements made between delegates and service providers, and will not be held responsible for any wrong doing by either party.

Delegates agree to pay a registration fee, as set out in the Invitation Letter, to the Company prior to the commencement of the conference.

  1. Applications for refund of the registration fee can be made to the Company Director, will be considered on a case by case basis and will incur a USD $50 processing fee. The final decision is at the discretion of the Company Director.

  2. The delegates are responsible for paying for their own accommodation, breakfast and dinner, flight tickets, and transport for non ISLC activities.

  3. Delegates agree to complete the pre-conference tasks which should take approximately 2 hours, in order to participate fully in the conference programme.

  4. Delegates agree to be checked for temperature with a thermoscope and will be precluded from the entering the venue should they present with a temperature above 37 degrees C.  In such cases, delegates will be asked to seek medical advice. Students with symptoms of food poisoning or flu like symptoms may also be precluded from entering the conference venue at the discretion of the Conference Director. In such cases accompanying teachers shall be responsible for the welfare and supervision of students.

  5. Schools will be responsible for making their own risk assessments and obtaining their own travel insurance.

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