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Pre-Conference Tasks 2010

Below is a list of the tasks which delegates of the ISLC 2010 are to complete before the actual conference.

1 Personal Leader Example Leadership Profile

Each delegate should select a contemporary leader that s/he admires and write 10 descriptive words that characterise him/her.

Students should then write a 200 word profile describing their selected leader and bring this to the conference. The leadership profile should include: biographical details, the leader’s motivations, identify five main qualities of leadership and identify two specific acts of leadership. Each student should bring a laminated A4 picture of his/her admired leader to the conference.

2 International Consciousness Project

Students are required to complete the preliminary planning for the ISLC International Consciousness Project. Click here for:
The Task
The Assessment Criteria

Please note that 4 hours will be made available during the conference for students to complete the task prior to the presentation.

3 Leadership Style Survey (optional)

All students are encouraged to complete an on-line self rating scale to be completed by 1st July. Please print the survey and bring it to the conference. Click here for the survey.

4 Reflection (optional)

All students are encouraged to keep an electronic journal to log their experiences, work and reflections during the conference.
An example can be found here.

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