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Transportation and Sightseeing Tours

This section covers briefly mini-bus service, shuttle service, how to get to Renaissance College and the provision of escorts from the ISLC committee. It is important for delegates to read through this section so that they are on time to begin conference activities at Renaissance College.

Minibus Booking

Mini Buses from the Airport to your hotel and sightseeing tours may be booked by contacting PC Tours and Travel; see details below:

Agent: Ms Candy LO

Company Name: PC Tours & Travel, Hong Kong.

Tel: (852) 2369 9052

Fax: (852) 2723 9044

Email: pc@pctourshk.com

Shuttle Service

The Airport Shuttle Service to your hotel and sightseeing tours may be booked by contacting Vigor; see details below:

Vigor Airport Shuttle Service and Sightseeing Tours

Location: Counter B13 (Exit B), Arrival Hall, Hong Kong International Airport.

Reservations and Tel: (852) 2739 3828

Website: www.vigorholding.com

Email: general@vigorholding.com.hk.

Getting to Renaissance College.

There are two main entrances to the school: the Hang Ming streeet entrance (5 Hang Ming Street, Ma On Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong) and the entrace from Heng On station. This guide deals with the Heng On method of arrival, which delegates are suggested to take because of its simplicity and speed.

Depending on your location, head to the nearest MTR station and take the MTR, with interchanges if necessary, to Tai Wai.

From Tai Wai station, take the Ma On Shan line to Wu Kai Sha and get off at Heng On station. This has been highlighted in the MTR system map below.


Renaissance College is directly linked to Heng On station from Exit A. Click the link to see a detailed map of the station from the MTR website.


Students from the ISLC organizing committee will be available to escort delegates from Kowloon Hotel to the conference venue, Renaissance College, and back on a daily basis.  Delegates availing themselves of this service should be ready for departure in the hotel foyer at 8.10 am sharp.

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