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Weather and Dress Code

Hong Kong's location on the south coast of China gives it a humid subtropical climate. Summer is usually hot and humid with occasional rain and squally thunderstorms.

Accurate day-by-day forecasts of the weather in Hong Kong are also available at the Hong Kong Observatory Government website.

All delegates are advised to bring umbrellas and sunscreen for the GLS half-day excursion and independently organized sight-seeing trips.  Delegates can also purchase these items in shops such as Mannings, Wellcome and PARK n SHOP which are conveniently located throughout Hong Kong.

During the conference, delegates should wear smart casual: dress trouser and shirt with tie (optional) for boys and skirt and blouse or dress for girls.  School uniform is not required.  Delegates are encouraged to wear traditional dress reflecting their ethnic background on the last day of the conference when the Cultural Presentations are scheduled.

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