The International Student Leadership Conference 2011


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Welcome to the official website for the 5th International Student Leadership Conference, 4th - 8th July 2011 to be held at Renaissance College, English Schools Foundation. This is a five-day Summer Programme committed to the development of global youth leadership,internationalism, the development of student voice and finding solutions to global problems. This year’s focus is the current and critical problem of Water Scarcity.



With burgeoning populations and rapidly growing cities, the demand for water is increasing for use in agriculture, industry and households. At the same time one in three people do not have access to clean water for daily use around the world and polluted water kills more children than war. The problem is current and critical and as custodians of the earth deserves our urgent attention. Young leaders will need to find solutions to this issue in order to create a sustainable future. The dimensions of the water scarcity problem are varied as they are complex and involve:

• Geopolitical conflicts over international waters
• Population growth and food production
• Climatic change and variability
• Land use
• Water quality and water demand
• Poverty and economic policy
• Legislation and water resource management
• Political realities and sociological issues

Each delegation will be assigned a stakeholder group and are required to devise an action plan to reduce their stakeholder group's water consumption by 20% by 2020.

Guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds will bring their professional expertise to bear on the issue of Water Scarcity and facilitate a deeper understanding of the problem and possible solutions. In addition, the
conference program introduces delegates to a range of leadership models and frameworks, before asking them to apply and integrate these theoretical concepts and principles to a variety of fictitious scenarios.

To enhance understanding of leadership skills and concepts, students attend a series of interactive, instructional sessions such as:

Perspective and Decision Making
Impromptu Speaking
Leadership Ethics
Thinking Skills
Conflict Resolution
Leadership Models