Orientation Booklet


ms-docThe Orientation Booklet download

All delegates will receive a copy of the ISLC Orientation Booklet prior to the conference.  The Orientation Booklet is the GLS official publication and includes: the conference programme, Mass Transit Railway maps, ISLC Committee member profiles, guest speaker profiles, places to eat and popular tourist attractions, important phone numbers, instructions to the venue, to name a few.

The Orientation Booklet can also be viewed from web browser here. 

Orientation Meeting


One day prior to the conference there will be an orientation meeting to which all participating delegates and supervisors must attend. During the meeting, the agenda will be as follows

1. Opening Address
2. Introductions: Co-Director, Event Manager, Consultants, Members of the Organising Committee and Mentors.
3. 2 minute school and country brief overview by a representative from each delegation.
4. Administration: Orientation Booklets, Name Tags, Student Guides, MTR Cards, The Programme, Grouping, International Consciousness Project, Protocol.
5. Questions from the floor.
6. Ice-Breakers
7.Light Refreshments